Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Exercise and Men’s Sexual Health

Men, how much do you exercise? Every day? Twice a week? When the mood strikes you? Rarely?

Would you be inspired to exercise more if I told you it could improve your sex life?

Now before you run off to the gym, let’s talk about some of the reasons exercise is good for sex and the types of exercise that can help men the most.

Here are some of the ways:

· Better overall health. Combined with other healthy lifestyle habits like eating well, getting enough rest, and not smoking, exercise keeps our bodies in good shape overall. In turn, this helps us avoid medical conditions that can interfere with sex, such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease.

· Better blood flow. Exercise keeps your blood pumping and your circulatory system strong. This is especially important for erections, since firmness depends on good blood flow to the penis.

· Increased testosterone. Some types of exercise, such as weight lifting, has been found to raise testosterone levels. Testosterone is an important male sex hormone and plays a role in sex drive and erections.

· Stamina and endurance. Have you ever exhausted yourself during sex to the point that you couldn’t continue? Getting more exercise might improve your stamina so that you can keep going.

· Flexibility. Exercise helps you move freely with less pain. This can be a plus when you and your partner are trying different positions.

· Improved self-esteem. When you’re fit and looking good, your confidence builds, allowing you to feel more relaxed in the bedroom.

· Less depression and anxiety. Many sexual issues, like lack of desire, stem from depression and anxiety. Exercise may improve your mood. In addition, the endorphins released through exercise can calm us down and give us a sense of well-being.

· Togetherness. Exercising together could help you bond with your partner.

· Higher sperm count. If you and your partner are trying to conceive, increased exercise might increase your sperm count.

Types of Exercise

Just about any type of exercise can help. But the following types of exercise could be especially beneficial for your sexual health:

·         Weight-lifting

·         Push-ups

·         Sit-ups

·         Crunches ( different from sit-ups)

·         Swimming

·         Brisk walking or running

·         Dancing (not club dancing)

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